We proudly present Sports Speedometer. A downhill, skiing, and sports speedometer that will let you show your friends just how fast you’ve been!
Sports Speedometer will store the fastest speed (in MPH or KPH) you we’re able to obtain, and also the total number of feet or meters that you’ve gone up and down in altitude.

Just activate the app, and put the phone in your pocket (accepting background activities and location (GPS) in the background), and start your activity.

You can of course see your current speed and altitude as well, but it’s not recommended that you use that for sports activities since it will distract from what’s important. Safety first!

You can take a screenshot to share with friends at any time, and reset the calculation if you want to compare different runs for instance.

Perfect for downhill, alpine skiing, slalom, speed skiing, skating, cycling, running, or just about any sports where it’s fun to know and compare your top speed.

Be aware that this app want’s to use background location (GPS), and that it can drain your battery faster than normal.
Please allow for the app to use Location Services - "Always". (You'll get the question when you first use the application)
If you want to access this from settings in your iPhone:
Settings/Privacy/Location Services/Speedometer
set it to: "Always"

No in-app purchases or ads! What you see is what you get, and it’s simple but fun.

Have fun and be careful!

Sports Speedometer: