Aspie Apps – Visual Timer

Visual Timer by Aspie Apps - A tool that is a support for those who find it hard to understand and keep track of time.

Visual Timer makes it easier to keep track of time when performing activities and preparations. An excellent tool for getting ready in time.


It’s an application that unloads your brain from the task of trying to keep time and trying to understand time at the same time you’re getting ready or doing activities.
Multi-tasking, and understanding time are two of the most challenging things an Aspie-person can set out to do, and that’s why we’ve developed this simple, and effective tool that visually gives you just the amount of input you need without getting in the way.
Since this is an app for Aspie-persons, there will never be any ads or in-app purchases!

It is a full screen application with a minimum of disturbing elements, and soft non-distracting sounds.

How it works...

Setting up is really simple:
Step 1 - Set the end time of the countdown timer.
Step 2 - Set “green”, “yellow”, and “red” using the sliders.
Step 3 - Click on the play button to start the timer.

When counting down Visual Timer will show a big “status” light that is green, yellow or red.

This indication is dominating the screen and tells, even from a distance, what status you’re in.

There’s also a clock with a colored arc that shows you how much of each color there’s left.
And similarly the bar at the top shows the same thing as the Arc but in a linear path.

Visual Timer: